Soaring peaks, breathtaking valleys,lush flora, Cool, crisp mountain air. Now that is Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra’s most popular hill station. Mahabaleshwar means ‘God of Great Power’ in Sanskrit.


Indeed, the place is great and bountiful, rewarding the visitor with a mix of old-world charm, natural beauty and modernity. Having taken my board examinations and waiting for the results, and in need of a very short getaway I packed for an on road trip from Pune to Mahabaleshwar to Goa and back. For someone like me, residing in one of the most populated and polluted cities like Kolkata, the scenic beauty of Mahabaleshwar was no less than paradise. Do spare a few minutes and scroll down, you may not be mesmerized, but these surely will not disappoint you.IMG_7973

The city of Mahabaleshwar is a pinnacle of greenery, boasting one of the only evergreen forests in the world. The landscape abounds with lush hills, valleys and lookout points such as Lodwick Point, Arthur’s Seat and Babington Point, all of which offer spectacular views. Trot along on horseback for a delightful four-legged tour of the gorgeous Venna Lake area, and savour juicy native strawberries, mulberries and corn.Elixir on wheels

Authur’s Seat is 1470 meters high. The queen of all points, Authur’s point got its name after Arthur Mallet as he was the first man to come here and build a house. The arrangement of rocks on the southern side is compared with the world notable stratification of rocks of the Grand Canyon of Colorado in the USA.
The desolate deep valley Savitri on the left side and the not so deep green valley on the right side is a captivating sight. The Arthur’s seat is the only point from where one can see clearly the geographical differentiation of Konkan and Deccan. I really wondered if what i had seen was what we get to solve in topography for geography!


With locales that make the spectators spellbound, this place is naturally bestowed with so many fascinating beauty spots that offer one with the stunning panorama of nature. There are numerous points that overlook the dazzling valleys and deep forests, and majestic peaks . Hunter point is one of such attractions, which is situated with in the boundaries of the main town. At an altitude of 1290 meters, hunter point offered a dazzling view of all the above.

Mahabaleshwar is
also famous for it’s strawberries. There, we visited the MAPRO GRADEN where the silence is broken by a crowd present to visit the strawberry plantations. The strawberry ice cream which comes for rupees 120 is delicious and has a different taste that lingers the tongue!
Elixir on wheels

Coming down to goa which was 500 kms from Pune was Fort Aguada . Constructed in 1612 so as to prevent the entry of ships into the river Mandovi thus protecting old Goa from enemy attacks, located at a distance of around 22 km from Bardez, Fort Aguada boasts of the first ever light house in Asia. Equipped with ammunition rooms and barracks, Fort Aguada was the first line of defence as far the Portuguese control over the region of Goa was concerned.

It resembles a tomb but is a fort with several cells at it’s entrance.IMG_7867

The sea beach undoubtedly offers a soothing beauty.

Need a drink? Do not hesitate.There’s always room for more right? Rush to the nearest stall, oh there are over a hundred!IMG_7780

And, if you need a friend, you’ll find tonnes for they’ll make you love them, no matter what. A friend who can’t talk your language though.IMG_7760

They say ”Travelling is the only expenditure that makes you rich!” Could anything be more true?page

The Panchgani temple premise is a calm and cool place and is a best suit for people looking for serene environment for relaxation and meditation. The spiritual atmosphere adds impetus to relaxing moments.

They do not allow you to take photographs inside the temple. But well, you do not need to. Pack up, and visit the place yourself!

Lastly, since all that we see can not be expressed in words, I would say mahabaleshwar holds a great deal of what your eyes would crave for. Just a day there soaked me in it’s beauty.

What more? The serenity, the beauty, the entire feel of being in a place as calm as Mahabaleshwar, shall itself win your heart.

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