Hello from the other side.

”Wake up early on a nice, rainy, Saturday morning and travel 20 kilometers and drain out your energy” , said no one ever. But I chose to. I chose to wake up early and push myself to those extra kilometers out of my comfort zone. Why? Well, “Hello Web”, organised by Mozilla Clubs and assisted by members of Kolkata Bloggers with a brilliant initiative to reach out to different institutions and spread web literacy across very offbeat platforms like orphanages pointed out by the HOPE FOUNDATION gave me the opportunity to be a part of their program.

Dorothy Gambrell once quoted, ”If television is a babysitter, the internet is a drunk librarian who won’t shut up.”

The idea of the program was to take Mozilla Clubs to the youngest of minds irrespective of their backgrounds, so that they can take this forward, in whichever city they might relocate to. It kicked off in the morning when members of the Kolkata Bloggers, Mozilla club and a couple of us headed to the ‘ASHIRVAD BOYS HOME’ for the age group 11-18 years at 53, Uday Shankar Sarani, Kolkata – 700033. It involved a brief introduction of every participating child, followed by enlightening their minds on the components of electronic devices like computers, introducing the uses of internet to them, briefing them on topics like web page, search engine, internet provider etc. It was great to see that some of the boys were fairly acquainted with the uses of the internet and were keen and passionate to learn more about it. They said that even though they did not own electronic devices themselves, they would still find a way to use the internet. There gleaming faces bid us goodbye as we moved on to our next location.

hope foundation

After the successful conduction of the first session, we walked to the ‘GIRL 2B HOME’. Situated at Russa Road, Kolkata – 700033, they were an even more ardent bunch of school goers who seemed to know almost every task that can be performed using the internet. While some demanded there favorite song videos to be played on youtube, others engaged in activities like learning how to send and receive mails. A bubbly Sita Chamaria, aged 15 who knew the use of Ms Word even typed out two lines on how much she was liking our session! More of such programs should be carried out at platforms like these and help more and more young minds use the internet for making their lives easier, better and get their works done faster.HOPE

The program will take place on 20th and 22nd of June as well. If you are interested , please fill up this form http://kolkatabloggers.com/young-tech-enthusiasts-meet-kolkata/ . Help make the world  a better place by helping others know about the global system of interconnected computer that use the internet protocol suite to link billions of devices worldwide.



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