Let’s welcome adulthood, with a smile.

What’s up?

So, you’ve completed your fourteen long years of education and graduated from high school. You have already received your mark sheets. You may or may not be happy with your marks, and it’s been a couple of months to it already. This helps draw a conclusion that you have hopefully joined college and are a fresher now. Well, if that’s not you – it’s me for sure at least in this case.

Who do you think I am?

I am an 18 year old foodie, food blogger, baker, trekker, dog lover and a sociopath from Kolkata, currently living in the hustle and bustle of the Indian city most infamous for its traffic and brimming with pride because of its most favorable weather for apparently everything you can name – Bangalore.

Are you on the same boat? If yes, welcome to my life. (You may read on.)

It’s been exactly a month since I have moved here to pursue my ever intriguing culinary dreams from the Institute of Hotel Management, Bengaluru. Most of my closest friends too have moved to Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi for their higher education. What I am going to talk about right now, may or may be of relevance to you. Beware.

What is it like to be all alone in a new city?

In this one month, I have learned a lot of things. You are your master, do not let anybody else control your life be it a nagging ex or your best friend ; If you are paying 1,000/- for a plate of finger food that doesn’t fill you, refrain from buying it ;

Saving is the key (If you are earning, feel free to spend to your heart’s content) ; Save up your daily routes on google maps, it will save you data and effort ; Have the contact numbers of your nearest hospital, pharmacy, grocery, catering, tailoring, electronic equipments and stationary handy, they will save you ; Do not get carried away by the fantasies of a new place (But if you’re in Bangalore and you do not experience night life at all, that’s a practical shame) ; Make friends, but be very VERY cautious while choosing them ; Keep a lot of songs and movies handy because they will keep you going ; Last but not the least – tell yourself ‘’I CAN!’’ instead of asking yourself , ‘Can I?’

Wanna know what I miss?

It’s been exactly a month since I last met my dog(s) ;

Since I last met my parents in person ;

Since I last smelt the linen of my bed sheet ;

Since I last cuddled up in a corner of my room whenever I was sad ;

Went to city center 1 randomly for no reason at all ;

Tuned in to SAB TV to watch Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashma sitting on my favourite couch (you can totally judge me for this but that’s the only hindi tv soap that I watch) ;

Rushed to Mrs Magpie right opposite to my house to grab the hot chocolate or black currant scones ;

Going to coffee house for the chicken cutlet ;

And most importantly, I haven’t baked for a whole month !

Yes, it’s just been a month to all this and I wouldn’t in the least say that I am feeling home sick. After all, I am here to do what I love. I signed up for this. I do not expect myself to complain. I am no longer a kid ; Just an 18 year old trapped the body of a kid, mimicking adult life and pretending it’s just fine or eventually it will be just fine.

What makes it differently difficult?

I am sure a lot of people might be facing similar problems. Let me talk about mine. I stay in an 1bhk apartment. I haven’t yet unpacked (yeah fine, laugh it out). I spend about 12 hours for college as my day begins at 6 in the morning when I prepare my own breakfast, iron my clothes, wash the plates if required, do a bit of cleaning of the house (Yes, I am a severely OCD’d person) and leave my home sharp at 8 (Oh the infamous Bangalore traffic) although my college starts at 9 and then after a long and tiring day I get home at about 6PM cribbing about how tiring it is.

Yes, I was indeed prepared for all this because it was no different for me back at home. That’s a good thing right? Why would I be cribbing about it? Yes, that is true that I do not get to wake up to sloppy dog kisses and dog fur on my clothes. But what else has changed? I live in SG Palya and those living here would know that it is as crowded as North Kolkata, so it truly feels no different.

Thank god for the cheap ice creams and food nearby with shops that remain open till 1 in the night.

Mere differences include unknown language, unknown roads, very few or just no people to fall back on when you lose your way, nobody to save you when in trouble, not have anybody to take care of you when you fall sick and most importantly – a completely new set of people you’re yet to analyze. Being a hardcore extrovert who can make friends in a jiffy, this wasn’t a problem for me either.

So, where lies the problem?

I never in the least imagined I would say this but YES. College is tiring.

It is 100 times more hectic than what I thought it would be. That makes all of it difficult. Doing the daily chores at home, completing bulk assignments everyday, preparing my own food (although I order in most often and thanks to cheap shops nearby) and yes – trying my level best to not make my room look messy.

Are we on the same boat? Hahahhaa.

Welcome to adult life.

It isn’t a cakewalk as you might have imagined it to be. But, you are soon going to love it. Don’t worry. You will eventually make friends.

Make good friends. Eventually learn to cope up with things. Eventually learn to take care of yourself. Eventually find your way out. Eventually no longer get lost in the crowd. Eventually finish all the assignments. And then, one fine day you’ll realize how quickly 3 long years have passed away right under your nose and maybe you’re still trying hard, struggling to figure out what to do and what not to do.

BUT, I am very sure that if we all survive this – we will be shaped as the desired grown ups that we all are struggling to be. Just have faith in yourselves.

If you’re feeling low, buy ice cream for yourself.

Can’t understand something? Phone a friend who can help you out.

Don’t know how much soap to add to the water? Call your mom.

Don’t know how to cook? Youtube DIY videos.

Rice bowl from Faasoos

Don’t know how to attach that bulb to the connection? Call your dad.

Want to bake something delicious for friends? Call me.

Connect with me on Facebook here Chaitali Mandal.

Instagram handle – The Sinful Baker

Lastly, never stop updating your parents (and local guardians and elders) about what is going on in your life because in times of the most desperate needs – nobody but they and their unconditional, non-fictional love and efforts will save you.

Bonus – Try and decorate your walls with pictures that bring back good memories.

I hope this helps. If it does, please do give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my blog.

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