Kittens’ day out!

Hi guys!

Happy independence day to all of you reading this. Some of you might be smirking right now saying, ‘Independence what?’ Because, come on let’s admit it. It’s that time of the month when you might be having your mid term examinations knocking at your doors but we all do need breaks, right?

Breaks like Saturday afternoons because you want to rest all day long on Sundays.

I have a nice suggestion for you especially if you love animals or have a pet.

Today was a cloudy day, and it had rained all night yesterday. All I wanted to do is to cuddle up in my cozy bed and have a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate but Anandi knocked at my door asking if I wanted to go to this ”Pet-friendly café” in Indiranagar, Bengaluru. Of course it was a yes and since I was missing my dog(s) terribly I expected to see some furbaby or the other over there (and we did get lucky enough).

There we were, three grown up animal lovers taking two kittens to The Teal Door café on a not so sunny day. We were greeted by an adorable Labrador which we though belonged to the café but that was some guest’s, sadly. (Sad because I couldn’t play with him for long)

The café is a cozy three storey infrastructure with no air conditioning. The ambience is brilliant with cozy cushions and rope chairs. To add a cherry to the pie, they sell paintings and candles as well?

t first we were a little disappointed because they did not have cat food. (What would our cats eat, oh my god) But, the manager was kind enough to prepare some plain boiled chicken for our four legged babies and they were overjoyed at the sight of the food.

They got really comfortable eating.

And a little more comfortable..

And quite alert too lest somebody make way to steal their lunch!

And that’s how Dora coughs out food that he doesn’t like (Ouch).

Meanwhile, we ordered some Wok fried prawns (Wok fried garlic prawns – Golden brown stir fried garlic prawns with a hint of lemon. (RS 310/-) which was a real ‘’expectation vs reality’’ thing because you would expect a dry preparation but it was a gravy instead that I didn’t like much.

Next was a plate of very spicy lamb fry (Guntur mutton fry – Handpicked Guntur chilli marinated slow cooked lamb.(Rs 275/-), saved my North Indian taste buds!

Meanwhile there entered the café two more pawed babies.

One of them was mix of a shitzu and a pug bitch

The other, a chi hua hua dog.

Look at him looking oh so amazing in that cute little blue striped shirt!

And that’s him being called a “good girl”, accidentally.

And that’s him looking at chicken..

and more food..

And feeling hungry

And trying to smell food.

Note – Our cats don’t like dogs ‘much’. They started to look here and there in curiosity.

These two adorable furbabies were apparently on diet and kept staring at our food and it sad as hell to actually see there irresistible puppy face and have nothing to do about it.


Look at that face, I mean


Just look at her.

Next, we ordered for a plate of ham and egg sandwiches which was delicious (The moist maker – Bread soaked in moist gravy, chicken ham, grilled chicken and egg, Rs 265/-)

And a plate of cold cheesy tuna salad sandwiches (Tuna salad sandwich – Tuna, gherkins, mayonnaise, onions and parsley served cold on grilled slices of butter toasts, Rs 255/-) again lip smacking.

Then there was stir fried chicken (Siracha chilli chicken – Wok fried with chillies, peppers, spring onions and soy sauce, Rs 265/-).


And a cheesy chicken dosa crepe, this was something really new.(Crepe dosa non veg – Savoury crep with cheese, mushrooms and shredded chicken, Rs 255/-) Continental with a dash of south Indian couldn’t get any better!

To end it we had two juices that looked prettier than they tasted. (Strawberry-guava – Blend of strawberry, guava and basil topped with sprite,Rs 135/- AND Strawberry lemonade – Blend of strawberry, mint and lemon, Rs 135/-)


And finally, no matter how full you are, you always have space for ice cream but the café didn’t have too many ice creams to choose from so we went to an ice cream parlour by the name Ibaco and had three different ice creams.


First, the Malt in a nutty waffle cone topped with chocolate chips and almonds.


Second, the New York fudge topped with gems and duo chocolate chips


Third, the salted caramel ice cream topped with jellies and wafers.

They also have interesting flavours like Ecuador aribba and mango- lychee. For a decent pocket pinch of Rs 80/- per 100 gms, they sell ice creams good enough. So that was all for today. I hope this post helps you find the pet café and you go there for lunch and then share your experience and surely do order what I ordered. If you think this was helpful, please give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my blog for more.

Bon Apetite!

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  1. Jheelam says:

    Nice write-up. The photos are gorgeous..


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