The A to Z – Eating in Bangalore

If you are a foodie(or not), I’m sure you have been in double minds more often than once regarding where to go and eat. At some place, the food is great but doesn’t fit your budget, another place serves average food and another is way too far and you are too lazy to travel the distance.

Here I am, a literal food hopper – to your rescue. I have put together a plethora of ice cream parlours, barbeue places, grill rooms, great buffets, cafes and restaurants – the best ones in their league under their letter heads. Sit back and enjoy. Save this article for when you need to go out and grab food!

  1. A – Absolute Barbecues ; Attic Lounge

    Absolute Barbecues was the first ever buffet place that I visited when I first came to Bangalore. For me, it even beats Barbecue Nation as well as few other great buffets like Buff Buffet Buff as well as JW kitchen. For me, their speciality stands in having a live seafood counter known as the ‘wish grill‘ where there are placed, several varieties of meats like – cultured shark, squid, octopus, cultured rabbit, emu, duck, quail, chicken liver, chicken sausages etc and they prepare it in your choice of sauce on request! Not to forget, they have a live ice cream counter, live salad counter and a live chaat counter as well as a huge spread of curries and rice at the main course. The staff is extremely courteous and leave no scope for complains. The tangdi Chicken, Mutton Keema, Chocolate Icecreams, Kofta Curry, Saffron Phirni, smoked Prawns, are all win-wins for your money! Pocket pinch – Veg lunch (567/- plus tax) , Non veg lunch (681/- plus tax) all with a complimentary mocktail.

    French marshmallows

I wouldn’t in the least deny that Attic Lounge is one of the best rooftop cafes I have been to. It is cozy, the food is great and pocket friendly. The onion rings, mocktails, seafood pizza, pasta, coffee, brownie Chocolate and spaghetti are great to spend your money on! Pocket pinch – Rs 650 for 2.

2. B – Boho ; Bundar

BOHO in Koramangala has an elaborate all day breakfast menu every Sunday with
breakfast starting at Rs. 99 only! Apart from this, they serve delicious english breakfast and other combo meals, Veg priced at Rs 300 and Non Veg priced at Rs 350 for lunch.
Let the hunger pangs begin!

Offer at BOHO

Bundar, by far is the only cafe that I know of sells its burgers made of home made bread that is both healthy and tasty. Not only that, they have great starters like bacon cheese bombs, barbecue pork chops, death by bacon burger and ba ba back sheep which comes in a black bun. Occasionally, they also conduct a Burger challenge, if you win – you get a year’s worth of burger for free!

Death by bacon burger

3. C – Central Jain restaurant ; Cafe Terra

Making it to one of the best themed multi-cuisine restaurants in Bangalore, Central Jail restaurant in Jaynagar sells Andhra cuisine food in the best way possible. They also have delicious north Indian, seafood as well as Chinese. Some of the best dishes to order here are the Lemon chicken, Honey crispy chicken, Tandoori pudina seekh kebab and butter garlic fish.

Cafe terra, mostly popular because of its breakfasts also serves great ginger ta, waffles and everything else that will make up to you for a great breakfast.

Banana pancake and ginger tea

4. D – Dadi’s dum biryani ; Dialogues

IF you have read my previous blogpost on the food battle between Kolkata and Bangalore, you will well know how much a fan I am not of biryani. But, Dadi’s is one such restaurant in Bangalore that sells the biryani – not meat on a bed of rice but flavorful rice on a bed of deliciously prepared chicken!

mutton biryani

Dialogues cafe, going by its name is built around one of the most unique concepts ever. Here, you do not pay for the food you eat but for the time you spend in there, with an inauguratory price of Rs 225 plus taxes for the first hour. You can play board games, read books or just sit on one of the rooftop swings and enjoy.

5. E – Empire restaurant ; ECHOES

At Empire restaurant, you literally dine like an empire. Great ambience and grand dining will make your day for a very affordable price!


ECHOES in Koramangala, is another restaurant born out of sheer greatness. Perhaps the only restaurant with such great ambience and food some of them being cadburry shake and mezze platter, it’s a one-of-a-kind all-day cafe that’s managed by the differently abled {deaf and mute} and you need to communicate using sign language.

Sign language used in Echoes, koramangala

6. F – Filligrill ; Fattoush

This lone outlet of Filligrill in HSR layout is one of the best places for casual dining. They serve Italian, Continental and seafood as well as occasional 5 course meals at attractive prices. Some of my most favourite dishes were the texas chicken tumblr canopies, filligrill special pizza and fish and chips.

Fattoush, another great casual dining place serving great Arabian, chinese and seafood with some amazing mutton rogan josh and tandoori mushrooms makes its place on my list because of their brilliant staff behavior and cool ambience.


BONUS : Fritz Haber – Nitrogen ice creams and other cool things like black ice cream with activated charcoal. 88541f3b-a100-4037-b58b-57a1ead19925

7. G – Gilly’s Restobar ; Grubbery

Gilly’s restobar in Koramangala is one of the most affordable restobars in all of Bengaluru with such great food and ambience. The tenderloin Steak With Flambéed Whisky Sauce and beer at Rs 110 for a pint are total steal deals!


Grubbery, famous for its exceptionally affordable American, European and Asian cuisines will make you want to hog each and every dish on the menu!


8. H – HUSH ; House of commons

HUSH was the first ever cafe that I had shwarmas at, in Bangalore and I was totally impressed by the flavors, portions as well as the aromas. The full meat shawarma plate for Rs 90 is the best I’ve ever had. Not to forget, the alfams are great too.

If you are from Bangalore and crave the night life, House of commons is something you have undoubtedly heard of from an acquaintance or another for its lip smacking Asian cuisine and slightly overpriced alchoholic beverages.


9. I – Ibaco ; Indigo XP

With 19 outlets in Bangalore alone, Ibaco happens to be one of those ice cream places that sells ice cream by weight – every 100gms is charged Rs 80, irrespective of the flavour. However, let me tell you that some of the flavours are quirky – don’t go by the name, taste and then buy. Although most flavours taste great with the toppings, my favourites were the rocky road choclate and salted caramel.


Indigo XP is a total winner for me if I have to take into consideration great finger food, great dj, great rooftop ambience and an even better dance floor. It has a live screening on rooftop which attracts lot of people.

DJ Rohit LIVE at indigo XP

10. J – Just shawarma ; Japan travel cafe Azuki

Just shawarma is just another great place to have great shawarmas, at an affordable price. They sell great sandwiches too! The fact that they run 15 outlets in bangalore which encounter crowd almost every hour of the day is quite a reason to visit the place once in a while!


Japanese restaurants are places you can flaunt with all your enthusiasm, this is one such typical Japanese restaurant serving great delicacies as well as home made sauces and home made noodles. The Japan Travel Cafe is s must go if you genuinely want to explore your taste buds on the Japanese cuisine.


11. K – Koramangala Socials ; KA 12 – Flavour of Coorg

Koramangala socials is another great rooftop lounge cum restaurant that serves great Continental and American food. Some dishes to try would be Caramel Custard, Pork Ribs, Chicken Biryani, Paneer Tikka, Long Island Iced Tea, Pancakes, Mocktails and beer for 120/- a pint!


KA 12 – Flavour of Coorg is one such place that serves typical Kodagu cuisine, enjoy a mouth watering trip to Kodagu for mere 200 rs per person.


12. L – Little Italy ; Leon grill

Little Italy, by its name is quite popular for its Italian cuisine serving everything from mouth watering thin crust pizzas to minestrone as well as lunch buffets and has a great ambience as well resembling some fine dine restaurant.

little italy.jpg

Leon grill, again is great for both Turkish and Arabian quick bites. My favourite is the Lamb doner wrap. They also have very reasonable meals and platters of meat.

Lamb doner wrap, Rs 190

13. M – Melt ; Millers 46

Melt is by far one of the coolest cosy cafes I’ve been to. They sell delicious roast lamb steak and brownie shake that are simply out of the world! They accept payments by dineout too. The service is quick, they play great music and the seating is comfortable. You can also find adorable quotes hanging on their walls.

Miller’s 46 is a typical cowboy themed grillhouse that lets you enjoy your steaks just the way you want. They also serve delicious bisques. Although it is way too overpriced, and has a compulsory service charge know that the service as well as the ambience will live up to it.

14. N – New Leaf Restaurant ; Nandhini paradise

The newly opened New Leaf restaurant is famous for its hot pots and plethora of sea foods like squid rings, baby octopuses and crab sticks.
They also sell most exotic meats like quail eggs.
The beef meatballs are great too. You might find this place slightly overpriced considering the portions they offer for the same.


Nandhini paradise is a great place for all those boozy Griffin’s who keep an eye on BOGOs for when it comes to alcohol. The best part about this multi cuisine restaurant is that you buy 3 pegs, get 3 free. Also, you get 4 beers at the price of 3! Now if that isn’t great, I don’t know what is.


15. O – Olive’s pub and dinner ; Om made cafe

Olive’s pub and dinner in Whitefield serves the most delicious Mexican food and finger foods. Starting with masala Omlette, they even have crispy beef wafers and crispy prawn wafers on their menu. Not to forget, for desserts they have a delicious Japanese light cheese cake sundae and even serve Draft beer.


Om made cafe can literally kill you with their brilliant rooftop ambience. They have happy hours from 4-8PM eveyrday where you can avail unlimited sangrias for 2 whole hours for RS 900 AI.


16. P – Polar bear ; Punjabi by nature

With 35 outlets in Bangalore, Polar bear happens to by one of my most favourite ice cream parlours. The caramel-vanilla shake for RS 120 is simply out of the world, so is the banofee choco bar. They also serve delicious waffle sundaes and crepe sundaes in pans and have dedicated ice creams for kids. The ice cream pizza is one of my personal favourites.

Popular for authentic Punjabi dishes and brewes beers, Punjabi by nature is one of the best microbreweries in town. With one of the best buffets available only on weekdays for RS 495+ tax, this place surely makes every visit worth it. The mango margarita is a great choice if you’re constantly in quest of trying new drinks.

Punjabi By nature
Punjabi by nature ambience

17. Q – Queen pearls ; Quench bar

Queen pearls makes it’s way to one of my most favourite eateries despite not having a seating because of its midnight working hours. They are open from 7PM to 5AM, selling pizzas for very affordable rates.


Quench Bar in Domlur has great Live music, great food, great rooftop seating and a smoking area as well, great for finger food and mexican dishes. The ambience is bound to take you by surprise for being so unexpectedly great!


18. R – Rajdhani Thali restaurant ; Ruh

This only thali meal restaurant is a great option if you have a king size appetite at your disposal! Rajdhani offers an Unlimited platter of delicacies like Daal Bhaati Churma , Alu Samosa, Dhokla, various curries,kadi,paratha,roti,khichadi,jalebi halwa .


RUH, their ambiance with not a single theme but a mix of Moroccan, Mediterranean, Spanish and Arabic influences takes you to a fairyland with mere pirate charms. Mocktails and Persian dishes are great.


19. S – Smally’s resto cafe ; Sherlock’s pub

Smally’s Resto Cafe is a chain of casual dining cafes offering a beautiful and cozy ambiance and an array of fast food items and stands apart because here, food is prepared freshly, and there are no preservatives used. I personally love the beef dollar burger and the bucket of fries.

Beef dollar burger

Sherlock’s pub has LIVE music, live sports screening and great food and brilliant continental food!


20. T – The Teal door cafe ; Therpup dog cafe

I love dogs and most animals in general. Hence, these two happen to be my most favourite cafes owing to the fact that both of them are pet-friendly! Located in Indiranagar, the party hub of Bangalore, the Teal Door cafe allows you to carry your pet cat/dog along with you, dine with them and they even have a special menu for your fur babies! You can see my detailed trip to this cafe on my previous blogpost where we went there with our kittens and had a great time!

TherPUP-a dog cafe in Whitefield, again is run by the same concept. The only difference being, the former does not have their own pups whereas TherPUP has 9!


21. U – Urban solace ; Ur Cutlet factory

Urban solace – Cafe for the Soul is another pet friendly cafe in Ulsoor that also has LIVE MUSIC, smoking area and even serves wine! The tuna salad here is quite to die for, the sangrias are great as well and have occasional great offers on F n B.

urban solace

Ur Cutlet factory does not have a seating, but they do home deliver. They sell great chicken cutlets, prawn cutlets, mutton cutlets and even paneer cutlets.

ur cutlet.jpg

22. V- Vaho night kitchen ; Vapour Pub & Brewery

Popular for their midnight delivery upto 3 AM, Vaho is for you if you often tend to wake up late at night and start feeling hungry. and bring you hot north Indian and Chinese food right to your doorstep!


Vapour Pub & Brewery in Indirangar, open till 12:30 AM serving Chicken Drumsticks, Craft Beer, Veg Burger, Wheat Beer, Butter Chicken,Sangria, Mocktails is every foodie’s wish come true.. Also, rock your waist to DJ nights under the open roof!


23. W – Wok paper scissors ; Wang’s kitchen

I’d once ordered food from Wok Paper scissors in knowing that it was great. I ordered on Zomato, quite sceptical. When I received the food, the noodles stinked of soya way tooo much. The Mediterranean fries were soggy and clearly inedible. I was highly disappointed with the food. I requested a refund and sent the food back and posted a review of the entire scenario on zomato. Same night, I got a call from the Restaurant manager at 12AM in the night with him apologizing for the same. The next day, not only did the restaurant send me few of its best dishes that too for free, they sent the Zomato runner with my money(in cash) which has already been credited back to my Zomato account and a letter of apology. If that’s not GREAT customer service, I don’t know what is! Also, this time the food was undoubtedly GREAT.


Wangs Kitchen is one of my most favourite Chinese restaurants in Bangalore. They offer BOGO offers pretty often. The manchow soups, chicken lollipops and chopsueys are really good.


24. X – XO belgian waffle ;

Although I am not a die hard fan of waffles,(close friends know how I consider them to be over rated) XO Belgian Waffle is one place that serves Iranian waffle which is the only non-sweet waffle with crispy and Herby taste, apart from which they have chocolate, red velvet etc waffles with ice cream and a plethora of toppings to choose from.


25. Y – YETI ;

Popular for it’s desserts and bakes, Yeti also does live sports screening and has outdoor seating available. Potato wedges,Oreo Berry, chocolate shake, pineapple shake and dark fantasy biscutty, quantity and quality both are good.


26. Z – Zaica Dine & Wine ;

Zaica is one of the first places in Bangalore that I had keema naan from. They have a great buffet spread with a very elegant ambience. Also, the Chocolate Pani Puri, Butter Chicken, Mocktails, Keema Pav, Jalebis, Peas Pulao, Dal Makhani and quite a few other dishes are great!


Phew! That was one hell of a list, I believe! I hope it will come in handy if you are confused as to where to dine or order food from.

PS – Kindly note that these are a few of my personal favourites and the details have been curated with diligent efforts. Feel free to share any other restaurants that you found to be great in the comments below. If you have had any bad or good experiences in the above eateries, kindly mention the same in the comments below as well! Bon Appetite!

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