I scream, you scream, for ice cream. ❣️

No matter how old you are, if you have a sweet tooth or not, I’m sure you’ll hardly ever refuse ice creams or repress the temptation of it!

Want to beat the heat? Have ice cream.

Had a break up? Have ice cream.

Got a tooth pulled out? Have ice cream.

Someone’s mad at you? Feed them ice cream.

In a world full of hate, be love ; Eat ice cream.

Basically, ice creams are our one stop solutions for practically solving any kind of problems ( I don’t mean mathematical problems, yeah no they can’t be solved by ice creams. )

So here, I’m going to list for you some of the best ice creams I’ve had in Bengaluru so that the next time you need one, you know exactly where to go!

To begin with, I’d like to introduce to you “dipping dots” or “mini melts” as they’re called, they are just miniature ice cream scoops let’s say which do not melt fast. It changes your perception of having ice-cream but gives you the same amount joy. I got this from MiniMelts, Brigade road. They also have another outlet in Nagawara.

Chocolate mini melts, Rs 95 for 5oz

Then there was this hidden gem in a dark lane that I discovered by almost getting lost finding my way back home as a newbie in Bengaluru. Swensen’s it is! Sorry about the fact that their outlets are no longer functional in the city, big loss for ice cream lovers.

Hot fudge super sundae, Rs 200/-

The concept of ice cream rolls has been predominant since 2015 when Frollz in Kolkata first started it. It was then taken over, modified and started in Bengaluru by RollOver. With 7 outlets in Bengaluru with their presence in prime locations like Koramangala, Jayanagar and Indiranagar, you get to have a new take on ice creams served with delicious syrups and pastries.

Mango madness, Rs 150/-

NIICE cream will tingle your taste buds with their liquid nitrogen ice creams, made right infront of you!

Very very Nutella, Rs 230/-

Another great creation from Roll over would be this Irish coffee delight for Rs 175/

Irish coffee love, Rs 175/-

Ma ma Mia! I’m sure most of you are thorough with this brand. The first ever brand to serve this activated charcoal ice cream. They run out of this super fast and have limited stock. So even if this ice cream is not as black as your soul, I’d say give it a shot!

Stardust Vanilla, Rs 100/-

Ice creams by the scoop or ice creams by the cups? Can’t decide? Not a problem anymore because now you can get ice cream by the gram (or Kilograms) at Ibaco ice creams who will charge you 90/- per 100gms. Bonus? You have a plethora of toppings to throw them in your delightful dessert!

New York fudge, Rs 90/100gms

Ice creams help keep your cool in the heat, bus lassis do too right? And juices as well. Head to Sreeraj lassi bar for your good scoop of ice cream at JUST Rs 20/scoop. Isn’t that great? Eat all the ice cream you want for less than your bus fare.

Black currant ice cream, Rs 20/-

We have always had the idea of a frozen or a molten ice cream in our heads. But have you thought of fried ice creams? If not, go over to Vitamin palace and try this out! Also try their juices and snacks.

Fried ice cream, Rs 140/-

Ice cream in a cup Vs ice cream in a cone set aside, now you can enjoy your ice cream straight out of a cup made of chocolate! What’s better than awesome ice cream? An edible chocolate cup. This beauty is from Urban Tamasha, Indiranagar.

Toffee walnut with ice cream, Rs 275/-

Bonus from Urban Taamasha –

Batter fried ice cream, Rs 245/-

Are you health conscious but still want to have ice creams to satiate a your sweet cravings? Don’t worry. Berrylicious is your go to place. They use 500gms of berries per kg of their ice creams . They’re indeed Berrylicious – ly affordable !

Raspberry, Rs 70/-

Ice creams or something that looks like a softy? What would you prefer? If it’s the latter and you wish to have something a little more healthy, go for these frozen yoghurts from Perfect fruit which have rich fruit bases.

Blueberry, Rs 120/-

Mama Mia! Here we go again ;

Mama Mia! How can I resist you? I would be more than surprised if you were to be resisting their ice creams, be it scoops or sundaes, you’ll always be craving for more.

Rocky road sundae, Rs 230/-
Alphonso magic, Rs 90/-

Never ask someone if they’re stoned. It could be over the obvious, or maybe they just had ice cream from Stoner ice creams!

Chocolate decadence, RS 220/-
Nutella cheesecake, RS 230/-

Last but not the least, would be my favourite Kulfi flavoured ice cream in the country by Havmor ice creams.

Havmor Kulfi, Rs 80/-

Also, no I’ve not forgotten Milano ice creams, our traditional Kwality walls, Rolick but I’ll recommend you also get the “Skillet brownie” from Pizza hut. For Rs 160/-, it’s something that you’ve never had.

For more, head to my Instagram @the_snacking_gypsy and embrace the foodie in yourselves! Till then, want more? Havmor(e).

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