Experiencing the authentic coastal Karnataka cuisine..

Malenadu , a region in Karnataka covering the western and eastern slopes of the Sahyadri mountain range is said to experience monsoons from the months of June to October. The Malenadu festival by Cobaja, Celebrates the essence of the region with some of their authentic delicacies.

To begin with, we were served the Kai huli – a traditional Malnad raw mango and yoghurt curry soup that goes fabulously well with some plain steamed rice. The tanginess of it soothes your taste buds and almost acts as an appetizer.

The Yelokossu vada – deep fried cabbage and corn pancakes served with some flavourful chutney was perfectly crispy and flavourful, also has a very homely essence in it.

The Karnataka ulsi platter – a series of accompaniments, chickpeas, grated coconuts, lentils and cucumber served in earthen bowls. The flavours of crispy shredded coconut and raw lentils go superbly well together.

The main course comprised of coconut rice, neer dosa, chicken sukka, Kaleji Chakan – a Savji style portion of mutton liver in a spicy masala, they use mostly meat spare parts for the same.

Neer dosa is called so because “neer” In Kannada refers to water, which indicates that the batter used to make this neer dosa is very runny which gives it it’s unique character.

Chicken sukka is usually a starter in parts of Karnataka like Mysore and Udupi, but in Bengaluru it’s mostly eaten as a main dish.

What I liked the most about this place is the fact that all cocktails are served in quarter bottles, my favourites being the Litchi curry martini where there were chopped curry leaves that gave really coastal flavours to the drink but didn’t overpower the litchi juice in it and the tequila sunrise. Just having them off bottles will uplift your entire dining experience.

Also, the frozen raw mango mocktail was a unique drink with infused cumin seeds.

For desserts, Kai Holige – A grated coconut and jaggery stuffed flat bread was the perfect way to commence the meal. It’s served with some melted ghee on the side and the flavours will take you down the memory lanes of how your grandmother used to pamper you!

If you love coastal food, this is your best option this monsoon. Thank me later!

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