The Japanosh experience🍤🥘🍣

Japan is all about the most perfect combination of simple yet sophisticated, be it their living areas or their food.

Taiki, in Indiranagar is a perfect combination of elegant Japanese architecture! How they’ve used every nook and corner, the space utilisation is just mind boggling and the interiors are so chic with glass panes and highly detailed facades.

The entire restaurant makes you feel like you’re not in India but in Japan altogether.

Now, if you’re not a fan of Japanese food – don’t visit them because yes, sushis do use fish that’s not cooked. It’s mostly raw or cured.
However, for the love of Japanese food I did make it here. Also, it’s always great to eat with chopsticks once in a while. What an exercise haha!
To begin with , some delicious spicy prawn gyoza which is basically a steamed or fried dumplings that looks most closely like a thin momo served with a spicy dip. I took the pan fried one, the filling is spicy and delicious.

Next the soft shell crab and chilli bao – a small soft shell crab fried to perfection, tossed in spicy sauce and filled into a bao. A total star in the menu!

Then there was the Classic nigiri set, it’s a set of regular non veg sushis – toppings being crab sticks, smoked salmon, cured tuna and shrimp served with a spicy dip or soya and sesame. The vegetarian version of this platter is also available with exotic vegetables like asparagus and zucchini.

The crispy lamb was perfectly tender, crunchy pieces of fried lamb tossed with chillies and shallots.

To end the meal, the bingsu which is basically frozen milk shavings topped with ice cream. I had the mango one, as it’s very refreshing and also because there’s never a right time for it.

Do try their own refreshing mocktails and detox smoothie as well!

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