Devour like a king at the Irish house 🥂

If you’ve ever had bad food at The Irish House, it’s probably just that it’s a bad day. Usually, I’d visit this particular restaurant to turn my bad day into a great day!

To begin with, this is their newly opened outlet and they’re always just trying to make the food better and the menu, is just so attractive and colourful that you’d wish to have an appetite that would allow you to try each and every dish on the menu!

First, I tried the peanut chocolate shake – it’s not a thickshake so don’t worry about a brainfreeze. It has a light body and very dominant chocolate and peanut flavours topped with a wafer stick to balance out the textures and flavours.

Then I tried the chicken and cheese poppers (Rs 445) , held on to them for about 10 whole minutes for taking pictures but it was still gooey inside, the cheese was just still molten to my utter surprise.

Can’t say anything better to make you try this out! Next, the chicken Mac n cheese(Rs 495/-)the cheesiest ever version of this classic macaroni topped with some smoked chicken sausages!

The drunken meatballs (Rs 595/-) definitely got their name from the sauce that literally makes it appear steeped in wine. The meatballs are served over nice and crisp taco base. Textures on point!

The pulled pork burger, (Rs 545/-) this sloppy pig out was a sweet and spicy flavoured pulled pork topped with Dubliner cheese and crispy onions, fries on side.

Ah, let’s come to the sourdough fondue bowl (Rs 675/-). I’m sure after the cheese from the above two dishes you’d not wanna have anymore of the cheese but the cheese lover that I am, just made me want to devour a whole dish of a fondue platter that comprised of chicken sausages, grilled chicken, some broccoli and some well sauteed dices of sweet potatoes tossed in parsley served alongside a lot of 3 cheese sauce in a mini artisan sourdough bread the insides of which has been scooped out after removing the top.

Moving on to the main course, the Portofino grilled fish ( Rs 595/-) with probably one of the smoothest of potato mash, some sauteed beans and a red sauce spiced with red hot chilli pepper sauce – the fish was well seasoned and cooked to perfection.

The roasted beer can chicken (Rs 595/-)was marinated in stout beer, glazed with jus just so well that you’d not want to stop at just one serving.

To end with, how can you ever miss the desserts?

So I tried this nutty caramel pie slice (Rs 395/-) , it was a tart base topped with a generous quantity of nuts layered with caramel and topped with whipped cream mixed with dark chocolate served alongside a demitassé of caramel sauce. Sadly and unfortunately, what I thought of would be a pouring consistency caramel sauce, turned out to be jelly like condensed caramel mixture which completely ruined the essence of the sauce for me. Nonetheless, it still tasted good with the slice of cake.

On the other hand, the Irish riverdance (Rs 645/-) was a superb attraction. A meticulously layered dessert in a beer mug loaded with gooey brownie, chocolate fudge, nuts, chocolate coated cookies, chocolate truffles, dark chocolate cookies, brownie crumbles – oh what a overload of chocolates topped with vanilla ice cream and fresh lager beer, what a tantaliser for the taste buds!
Enjoy a meal here with the fam or the buds, it’s always going to be worth it. 😃

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