Rustic and classy? Dine “your type” At La Casa Brewery Sarajapura.🍻

La casa brewery and kitchen in Sarjapura is perhaps one of those go to places for all Bangaloreans who are keen on trying freshly brewed beers from microbreweries and I think this place has maintained it’s legacy only too well.

To begin with, I tried the pumpkin soup served along with some bread with a spicy topping. The soup was beautifully flavoured with cumin seeds. Even if you don’t like pumpkin in general you’d invariably fall in love with this soup!
Then, the crispy tortilla and ranch salad was a perfect marriage of flavours like tarty sour and the freshness of the lettuce.

My most favorite veg starter was the crispy lotus stem, each and every slice was well marinated, evenly coated and evenly crispy. I could have had unlimited plates of it.

For non veg starter, I’d highly recommend the king mackerel fingers served alongside a spicy version of thousand islands sauce.

Finally, a place that doesn’t serve basa! Then, the spicy drunken octopus – drenched in Mangalorean flavours, these baby octopuses were wok tossed and served with some onions and bell peppers.

Coming to the Pizzas, let me make you aware that they make 100% wood fired pizzas. You can even enjoy the sight of your pizza being made right in front of you in a stunning firewood place. I tried the La Lahmacun minced Lamb pizza which was cheesy and loaded with meat mince.
Coming to the main course wasn’t easy as my taste buds were craving for the lotus stems, however I had the pork belly with lentils puree and cherry greens salad – the pork portion was well marinated, scored and super tender that allowed the juices to flavour even the layer of fat let alone the meat. What a teaser to the eyes it was! And of course to the taste buds!

Before ending with desserts, I’d like to mention few of my favorite drinks from here. These would be – The cosmopolitan, Avalanche, holiday beach tea , Carribean iced tea.

There’s also a plethora of beers to choose from.

For mocktails, do try the blueberry slush.
Other than these, the diligent barmen are always there to help you out. The staff is super friendly and the service is commendable.

Now, to my favorite – the desserts. The casatta with rum soaked nuts, dayum! Three layers of delicious house ice cream topped with rum soaked dry fruits! What more could I ask for after such a sumptuous meal at this beautiful brewery! Craving to go back already.

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