Craving cuteness? Head to newly opened Nuage patisserie and cafe! 🧁🥧☕🍰

Indiranagar is fairly the hub of restaurants and chic cafes and the foodie that I am, it’s difficult and rare that I don’t visit the newly opened restaurants out here. That’s how I happened to Visit Nuage Patiserrie and cafe. Firstly, it’s just beautiful. It’s stunning rather, the lighting, the colours, the cute paintings on the walls – it will all make you crave to go back there. Ms sanjana, who runs the bakery here quite single handedly, has a very warm and compassionate personality and will certainly strive to take care of your needs in terms of customizable food.

I loved the concept of burito cups – it’s really unique. Filo pastry sheets are placed in muffin trays, filled with mexican rice and topped with loads of cheese and baked until the pastry sheet is crisp. Sounds great isn’t it? Will taste even better.

The chicken steak was placed on a bed of creamy mashed potato and the chicken was well marinated. It was well flavoured on the inside too.

The chicken roulade was stuffed with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes and crisp fried served alongside rice – this too was pretty new as the roulades we usually find are all poached/grilled.

Coming to the desserts, I had the cheesecake flan with vanilla ice cream. It’s a cross between a cheesecake and a baked caramel custard. It was a little Harder than I’d expect but it tasted really delicious and was more like a deconstructed cheesecake as it had crumbles on the sides.

Also the cakesickles, are super adorable you wouldn’t wanna eat them but ultimately of course you will.

Do not miss out on the delicious cupcakes, macaroons, tarts and cinnamon rolls!
This place is only 6 weeks old and I’m already in love with it! Make sure to visit and eat your heart out.

Hey! They also have a plethora of cheesecakes you can choose from!

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