Your newest go to place for food and drinks has to be Boomrang BarXSocial🍻

What an amazing experience it was to be at Boomrang BarXsocial in koramangala! The ambience is really pop and brightly coloured with plenty of grafitti that allow you to take really great photos of your food because let’s accept it – first comes the gram and then the satisfaction.

So I tried the mutton keema pav, the buns are soaked in warm molten butter and the crust is crispy. It’s served with minced chicken in a thick gravy and truly satiates the taste buds.

If you’re looking for an option that’s slightly on the healthier side, don’t forget to ask for the Ragi tacos, only veg variant is available. The tortilla part of it is basically an Indian flatbread made from ragi, the filling contains diced tomatoes, bell peppers, lettuce and cheddar, the freshness of which is commendable indeed.

The butter chicken served alongside garlic naan makes for a perfect main course, as does the green thai curry (again, only veg).

Also, for smaller bites try the ragi quesadilla the filling of which was stuffed chicken and cheese.

To end with, I loved the date and chocolate sticks and the textures of chocolate which is a dessert platter comprising of chocolate mousse, chocolate volcano and vanilla ice cream!

Not to forget, they also have a great selection of drinks at really pocket Friendly prices.

Something that I would highly recommend and goes with the wines is this pesto prawns dish served on a bed of hashbrown and mustard sauce. Don’t forget to appreciate the great graffitti right behind!

Here’s one of my favorites, the watermelon basil cooler.

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