The biggest barbeque in Marathalli is just waiting to serve you!

The big barbeque in electronic city just got bigger with its newest outlet in Marathahalli, right above the Nagarjuna Restaurant.

The strategically designed seating in the restaurant makes for a great choice for corporate lunch events as well as family get togethers, also has a spacious bar.

The restaurant also has a huge dance floor which is not cluttered.

On being seated, the staff will welcome you with a delightful icy refresher

followed by a chaat that is practically a Raj kachori stuffed with papdi chaat,

really loved the concept of it.

Then I went on to try the devil’s own, which is chocolate smoothie layered with coffee syrup.

They have a selection of main courses, live counters, and barbequed starters in both veg and non veg options.

For someone who likes naati style food, behold- they have a seperate counter for naati style food that includes boti masala, naati koli saaru, chicken sukka, ragi mudde.

Apart from this, what’s new is the fact that they have a huge chocolate fondue fountain for you to dip in your fruits, doughnuts and spongecakes.

Also available is a selection of desserts live jalebis, live waffles in vanilla and chocolate and milky kulfis in malai, paan, imli flavors.

From the live grill, I tried the chicken sausage in smoked barbeque sauce which I felt was a little sweet and I also took a mix of squid, octopus, prawns in some mustard sauce which was again delicious.

I also liked the chicken sheekh kebabs, dahi ke kebabs, tandoori chicken pizza and the kasundi fish. Also, they have palette cleansing sorbets in a plethora of flavors like mango, grape, orange, litchi and a few more which are served like mini popsicles in mini pressure cookers.

If that’s not enough reason, let me tell you that it’s the biggest buffet in Marathalli with 160+ items on the menu. 😃

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