Planning for a cheat meal? Do it right with EatFit.

Some days, we crave for sugary brownies or ice creams. Other days, we crave noodles and paranthas and what not.

What if you could consume all of these and even juices, guilt free?

What if it didn’t affect your diet much? I’m sure you’d feel better about the food intake.

Thank god for EatFit which has made it all possible.
They serve food and even update you on their calorific values.

They also have a brand new set of drinks by the name “Shunya” which contains 1 calorie per serving.

To begin with, I can never visit EatFit and not have my favorite whole wheat chicken keema wrap – priced at Rs 140, this is one of the most fulfilling dishes ideal for a brisk lunch and it’s served alongside green chutney.

Another meal that I absolutely love from EatFit is their Chettinad chicken served alongside 3pcs of whole wheat parotas.

The best part being the fact that none of the dishes are too spicy. They’re all seasoned moderately so as to suit all taste buds.

Moving on, they have a variety of pressed juices from Mango sea salt to Guilt free snickers shake.

Their ready to eat snacks include items like quinoa crisps to potato flakes.

They also serve epigamia yoghurts – strawberry, vanilla and mango are available.

They have newly introduced 3flavours of low calorie ice creams in Macchiato, bittersweet chocolate and alphonso mango flavours.

Other than that, to beat the dessert cravings they have healthier options like pumpkin and zuccini tea cakes.

Also, did I tell you that with every meal they serve a tiny portion of superfood in the most adorable packaging ever. It could be chikki or even ragi balls.

It’s bliss when you can eat without the intake of too many calories, eat fit and grow fitter! It’s always a pleasure to be here.

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