It’s almost 2020 so now you may skip the regular bar and go to a Noodle Bar!

I am a die hard fan of Pan Asian food so when Ads for the Noodle Bar India flashed on my Instagram, I didn’t have to decide where next I’m gonna have my dinner.

It’s located on the 1st floor of Phoenix marketcity mall right opposite to Taco Bell and is not too spacious but definitely chic.

To begin with, and to tell you about my most favorite dish – Thai Barbeque Grilled chicken , it was different in its preparation. Unlike other dishes bearing a similar name, this was actually where the chicken was marinated well in advance with oyester sauce and chillies and finished with barbeque onion sauce that gave it the smokey flavor as well as a mildly sweet after taste.

Also the Mandarin chicken salad

For vegetarians, I’d very well recommended the Crispy chilli vegetables which are batter fried to perfection.

Moving on, I tried the Steamed Laksa prawn dumplings – regular prawn dumplings on a bed of richly flavoured curried Laksa sauce. Mildly flavoured dimsums alongside some thai flavours made for a favourable combination.

I also tried the Honey chilli crispy lamb – strips of lamb crisp fried and tossed in honey chilli sauce and enhanced with star anise, you could tell each and every flavour in the dish!

Moving on to the main course, it would be a sin to be at an exotic noodle bar and not try the noodles isn’t it? So even if you’re full, leave some appetite for their Nasi goreong and Hokomein noodles.

Other than that you can also consider the green thai curry but it is a massive portion, at least 3 people are required to finish that quantity of food.

To end with, they have very limited options for desserts. I chose to have the all time favorite classic fruit and nut sizzling brownie with ice cream. Claim to fame? Mini Banana fritter rolls were also served with it. What a bliss!
There’s also orange darsan – it’s basic darsan topped off with some orange ice cream.

The service is impeccable indeed.

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