Have you tried the biryani, the recipe of which almost caused a war?

Could you ever imagine that there might have been a war, as old as time only for a recipe?

Well, now even I believe in it and you too will when you try the boneless dum gosht biryani from Behrouz served to you hot and fresh.

Gosht or ghosht refers to the very tender meat, cooked for a long time and used as the primary ingredient in a number of Middle Eastern, Central Asian cuisine and across the Indian subcontinent . It is deliciously flavorful and richly scented in aromatic Indian spices.

Also they serve one hot gulab jamun alongside to perfect off your desert.
I also ordered the chicken kefta for starter that is served alongside mint chutney and topped with a peri peri spice which gives it the perfect kick.
On the side, do consider some mint chaas to titillate your taste buds.

To finish the meal, you can consider ordering gulab phirni that comes in a matka!

Order in at home or your office because from spoon to fork to mouth freshner, they provide everything and the mutton is boneless in order to give you a hassle free dining experience.

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