Indian grills in alfresco and a sumptuous buffet at Lush 🍽

Enjoy Indian grills by alfreso and a lavish buffet at Lush with your family or loved one!

Classy interiors, chic lighting and great staff – they’re all set to welcome you to a whole new world of deliciousness.
Lush at Renaissance is hosting deliciousness Indian grills festival curated specially by chef Sanjeev from 17-31st January. Priced at Rs 1850++ per person, this has way more than just grills to offer.

For vegetarian grills, they offer malai broccoli, apples, sweet potatoes and paneee.

For non vegetarian grills, there’s lamb chops, chicken, prawns and fish.

For mains, they serve authentic clay pot chicken, punjabi style maa ki daal and breads to your choice.

All in all, the buffet serves ample vegetarian and non vegetarian options starting with Vegetables 3 ways to chicken in black bean sauce and plain to pineapple fried rice.

The dessert section is the real show stealer for sure.

The tranquility of the location paired with the gastronomic masterpiece is what makes it a must visit for all foodies out there.

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