Enjoy the best of South Indian flavours at one place – Sampurna 🍽

How often do you indulge in rich South Indian flavours?
Well, being from Kolkata, I was never a fan of typical idli dosas but as I moved on and into the southern peninsular regions of Mangalore and got introduced to ghee roast, there was never a turning back.
I’ve been exploring and more open to trying out the rich southern cuisines and one such day is when I visited Sampurna southern flavours on Cambridge road in Ulsoor.

To begin with, start off with some coconut cooler which is somewhat like a coconut mojito but is really refreshing!

For starters, I started off with some Andhra chilli chicken – let me remind you it’s not completely dry, there is some gravy along with it that is drenched in chillies and chilli paste giving you a brilliant kick.

Then the chicken ghee roast – you don’t expect it to be boneless ever but feel free to ask the server to check if that’s possible. I felt it was a little dry even with the prawns and the paneer, but the flavours were very authentic and rich.

For vegetarian items, I tried the corn and potato bonda that’s served with green chutney – not completely authentic but too good to miss.

Also, I am not a fan of okra but here they serve a crispy fried okra topped with some chilli yoghurt which absolutely had my heart.

It was time to move on to the main course I don’t try birynais too often but when it came to this “Kari biryani” which is a spicy dindigul style mutton biryani cooked with flavorful jeera samba rice, I could barely stop myself from tempting all the biryani lovers out here.

To end the meal, they have a really delicious dessert – the coconut souffle which is of a panna cotta consistency and is served in a huge portion in a green coconut. The idea of which is to have the souffle with the malai. The flavours are delicate and low in sugar so that you can relish the same.

Can’t wait to go back here!

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